Art Perspective Presents Verve – A Group Show on Watercolours

The artists in the show are Anjani Reddy, Anurag Mehta, Amit Kapoor, Biju Mathew, Jiaur Rahman, Jiban Barman, Prafull Sawant, Prabal Mallick, R.D. Roy, Ramesh Jhawar, Raktim Chatterjee, Rajesh Sawant, Sanjay Kamble, Sikander Singh, Sachin Naik, Vinod More, Vasudeo Kamath, Vikrant Shitole and Vinayak Deshmukh.
In Anjani Reddy’s works, the rural images of an Indian village come to life in fine detail. Her female forms are a reminder of the simplicity and beauty that we have lost, so mired are we in the complexities of everyday life. A similar spiritual approach can be found Vasudeo Kamath’s portrayal of India’s ancient heritage.

He has recreated the magic of dohas, abhangs and Marathi poetry by saints like Kabir, Tulsidas, Narsimh Mehta, Jana Bai and others in his work and believes that watercolours are the best suited medium to bring out the naivety of those ancient times.

Prabal Mallik

A strong statement about the current times has been made by Prabal Mallik in his watercolours that feature a series of three cows in different colours. Making a comment on the division of social structure of the world – the haves, the working class and the have nots, he has ably created the analogy between his animal forms and the world at large through his anatomically strong works. Inspired from his birthplace Nasik, Prafull Sawant has used the medium of watercolours to portray the ethereal ghats of the Godavari river and the landscapes of the temple town which he resides in.