Beautiful Love Between Male And Woman – The Kiss & Impression, Sunrise

As a world famous oil painting, The Kiss is representative of symbolism art. This oil painting was created after the Vienna Secession of 1900 included Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Glasgow Four who were to affect the direction of art and craft in Europe. However, its painter, Gustav Klimt went out of this movement in 1905, he couldn’t halt the influence from Mackintosh’s wife, whose linear manner focused on the use of semiprecious gems. So he made all the characteristics influenced by this movement reveal in the oil painting named The Kiss. As an art master of symbolism, Klimt had lots of goes on the subject of fulfillment before, most outstanding in the last panel of the Beethoven Frieze of 1902, which relates to some words from Schiller’s Ode to Joy, “the kiss to the whole world”. Then oil painting The Kiss was born.

Gustav Klimt had an unchained artistic manner on his art creations, and The Kiss was not an exception. He painted a mysterious background which seemed to be in chaos and put the deeply embrace in a particular space like a warm womb. Besides, the two images in the painting were decorated with circular biomorphic elements that were echoed in the woman’s dress, where there are full of blossoming flowers. Packed into gorgeous and brilliant yellow, the male put his arms around the female and gives her a soulful kiss.

The Kiss is considered as a painting that represents love between bisexual; it also stands for the sublime spirit symbol of its painter. As if The Kiss is so popular among art lovers, they usually buy the production of this oil painting from artisoo, which is a bravo art website.

Impression, Sunrise

Impression, Sunrise maybe the most representative oil painting of impressionism art; its painter Monet is well-deserved art master in the Impressionism movement. As a matter of fact, the artistic movement Impressionism has its name due to Monet’s Impression, Sunrise. Shown in an independent exhibition including Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir and Edgar Degas for the first time, Impression, Sunrise fell into an argument by the artists and art critics who were present. The opposite ones kept that it was just a sketchlike painting in a negative text; however the supporters thought it could stand for a kind of brand new art style for it broke lots of traditional painting manners. Although this painting indeed has a sketchlike character, Claude Monet’s broken and loose brushwork makes the impressionist want to seize the fleeting moment air.

Painted in a harbor of France, Impression, Sunrise has a companion piece named Impression, Sunset; despite of the skyscraping fame of Impression, Sunrise, Impression, Sunset is hardly known. But the two paintings show that Monet is good at paint continual nature; so he does, and he always paints at the same place in different time. Impression, Sunrise is done at dawn, when the modern city is awakening; so Monet endows a kind of obscure beauty to his artwork.

Written by

Debra Williamson